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Straw-bale Home Tour

Front 1

I had the chance recently to tour a straw-bale home just a few miles West of Spokane. I want to take the time to think the owner for inviting me into their home. The home featured some amazing craftsmanship and was a piece of art in itself. Pics, or it didn’t happen. 🙂

Front 2

The home, built in 2008, has a water catchment system, generates its own solar electricity and it’s radiant floor heating system is warmed using solar water heaters. There’s also a great view of North Spokane which I somehow passed up while I was snapping pics.

Main HallwayLivingroom







You just gotta love the curves of the walls and the deep-set windows. It is hard to tell due to the low quality of the pictures (next time maybe I will have something better than my phone) but the texture of the walls is very intriguing up close.



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