Spokane Sustainability Oriented Events

It has been a while since my last post but I’m still kickin!

I wanted to mention a couple of events in/near Spokane that focus towards Sustainability. While I have not previously attended either of these events, I will be sure not to miss them the next time around:

Spokane Sustainable Preparedness Expo

From the site:

“Whether your interest is in preparedness, homesteading, or sustainable living, you will find a wealth of information. Come to learn valuable info at the many excellent training sessions, connect with the thousands of preparedness-minded attendees we are expecting, obtain hard to find equipment, supplies and advice you need from the wide variety of vendors”

Eastern Washington University Sustainability Symposium


After the world’s most credible sources have established the fact that our current consumer-based culture is abusing the biosphere and cannot go on  depleting earths finite resources any longer without dramatically inhibiting the ability of humans and thousands of other organisms to survive — what choice do we have besides to take action and make fundamental changes? At Eastern Washington University, the foundation is being laid for this very transition.

They sound a bit intriguing, no? Anyways, If you’d like to attend you have plenty of time to plan. The Sustainable Preparedness Expo is set for Sept. 21st and the EWU Sustainability Symposium will take place on February 24th 2015.


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