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Mission Accomplished: Spokane Has It’s First Passive House, In Elk

A couple in Elk, Washington are the proud owners of the area’s first passive house. According to this great article on , the owners were surprised by the level of quiet provided by the homes well insulated envelope. Not sure what a passive house is? Check out my previous article on the subject.

Quiet permeates the interior of Pat and Robin Rickey’s new passive house in Elk, built 200 feet from Highway 2. To let visitors hear beyond 20-inch thick walls, Robin Rickey cracked a window to the faint roar of a passing semitrailer. “Noise, no noise – love it,” she said, while closing the bedroom window.

Aside from the feat of silence, like other passive houses this one requires no furnace or air conditioner for the home to keep an approximate 70° temp year round. I can’t wait to see a few more of these pop up around the Inland Northwest and with energy costs only rising over the long term I don’t think I will have to.

Equinox House

One of the nice things about passive house is it can be paired with many types of construction and design styles. As long as a super insulated, non-permeable barrier can be created between the interior and the surrounding environment, the possibilities are endless.

A great example is the Equinox House (above) by Ignatov Architects in Bulgaria. Maybe they would take my hundred and fourteen year old two bed Medical Lake home as a trade!



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